We've helped entrepreneurs like you raise over of $2,136,127 in funds through multiple crowdfunding platforms to-date, and counting!

Our Philosophy:

We can change the world, by enabling Entrepreneurs like you. Join the club of entrepreneurs who found their success through a crowdfunding campaign with us!

How You Succeed

The steps of your journey to increased exposure, and improved chance of success!

  • Review

    We research your crowdfunding campaign to figure out who your potential backers are.

  • Content Development

    Our writers will develop a great Press Release Article, and Social Media outreach to promote your campaign.

  • Promote

    We will distribute your Press Release, and promote your campaign over Social Media Groups.

  • Constant Contact

    You'll have transparency over everything we do as we'll stay in constant contact with you throughout each step of the journey

  • Analyze

    Measure and record all the promotional aspects for you to review in the final report

  • Report

    Once we complete your promotion, we will send you reports showing all PR Publications and all promotional efforts.

Choose the right solution for You

Select your solution based on your needs, guided by the number of individuals you think your campaign needs to reach



Value $375
  • Potential Backer reach ~60,000
  • Facebook Outreach 10,000+
  • Twitter Outreach 10,000+
  • Press Release Creation
  • PR Distribution 500 sources
  • Completed in 10 business days



value $1500
  • Potential Bkr reach ~500,000
  • Facebook Outreach 100,000+
  • Twitter Outreach 100,000+
  • Press Release Creation
  • PR Distr 150,000 sources
  • Completed in 14 business days

Frequently asked questions

Your questions will most likely be answered here, and if not just Contact Us Below!

I signed up, what happens now?

1. Once you sign up, you will be prompted to enter your information after the payment process and will receive a confirmation within a few minutes, and a request for any additional information we may need in order to successfully promote your campaign.

2. Your Campaign will be reviewed and studied in order to identify who your potential backer would be.

3. Your Press release article and promotional content will be developed by our top writers.

4. You will get a chance to review, edit and approve the PR Article and then we will have it distributed to our agreed network of news, blog, and social media sources.

5. Your campaign and associated pages wil be promoted within our groups and pages, to Social Media fans and users targeting potential backers specific to your campaign.

6. You will receive a report indicating the reach, and completion of promotion.

2. I just signed up, how fast do I see the results?

After you receive our confirmation of your order, we will begin working immediately on your promotion.

Writers are notified, and provided with your content, posts made, etc. And depending on the package the promotion is completed either within 10 business days for the Starter Package, 14 business days for the Basic Package and 28 business days for the Pro Package.

Most promotions are completed fairly fast, and before the expected deadline, the length of promotion really means that we keep promoting your campaign for that duration over our pages.

3. Where do you promote my campaign?

1. Social Media. We own and operate many social media pages, ranging from 10,000 – 100,000+ fans. After we do the initial research of your campaign and identify who would be a potential backer for you, we figure out which of our pages would contain these potential backers as fans, and promote directly to them. Once we begin promotion we’ll let you know which page you are being promoted in, and at the end of the promotion you will receive a complete report of your reach.

2. Press Release promotion. We have multiple sets of contacts in the media, with who we have a direct agreement and guarantee with ~ 500 news and blog sources that they will post your PR article. The news websites range from Fox 11, NBC 10, and similar others. Once you approve the PR article our writers develop, we will distribute it and you will have a complete report of every place your Article was distributed to and Published.

3. Basic & Pro Package PR. We have a very intense Press release promotion to our extended network of 10,000+ journalists, and 150,000 National industry bloggers, news & media contacts. This PR can potentially lead to pickup by large national media sources, and is based on their interest of your campaign. You will also receive the report based on the sources that did pickup your PR, and the online reach it resulted in.

4. How does the “Targeted Social media promotion” work?

When we identify which group your targeted potential backers would “hang out” we begin promotion, and create multiple Posts in that specific group(s). This way you reach targeted potential backers within our groups, we also use targeted # tags to reach an even larger audience outside of our groups.

5. Not that I’m interested, but do you really offer a fast and courteous refund if you don’t deliver on the promised services?


We guarantee to deliver each service listed under each package, Starter, Advanced, and Pro. And we guarantee to deliver it within the specified time 10 days for Starter, 14 for Basic and 28 for Pro (although each can be delivered faster depending on your campaign, the actual duration is due to daily promotion over social media). If we do not make your posts, do not send out your PR or do not complete your promotion within the stated deadline, we’re Glad to send you a fast and courteous refund.

(And if you are wondering if we’ve ever sent refunds: we have, but so far only because the clients upgraded to the next level package to get a longer, more intensive promotion. So we refunded the initial, smaller package order)

Some of the Campaigns We've Helped

Why We Care

Like You, many StartUps, Artists and Musicians began in a garage, needing funds.

And ended up changing the world!

We just want to enable You.

Who we are

Our team consists of experienced Writers, Coders, Creatives and Marketing experts lead by two Co-Founders.

Alex is a Creative Director with experience in online, Guerilla, and Social Media marketing. He focuses the team effort of Creative and marketing activities to deliver on your promotions.

While Alexander is a Chairman with a strategic, corporate background with a focus on fusing our creativity and promotional strategies into solutions to get you results.

Why choose us?

  • We Keep Up With New Trends

    We constantly review, share and collaborate with other experts in order to keep up with the ever changing social media and online marketing trends. This way we can continuously provide you with the most up to date promotions for your maximum exposure.

  • Our Strategy

    Over the last few years we've developed a set of strategies in order to identify who your potential backers would be, where they would hang out, and effectively deliver your message to them. we do this through a combination of PR creation, Distribution and Social Media marketing, this way you get a well rounded promotion.

  • Our Proven Track Record

    We've helped campaigns like your's from numerous industries. From music, arts, film, Tech Startups to non-profits. To date we have raised over $2,136,127 and counting (figures updated on a quarterly basis). Just take a look at a few of the campaigns we've helped above.


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